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"Now now now my dear, we can't have any of that foul language around here. The Amazing Digital Circus is a place to be enjoyed by all ages. You my friend have stumbled into an incredible world of wonders, where anything can happen! ...E-Except for swearing."
―Caine's response to Pomni swearing.

Creative Artificial Intelligence Networking Entity[1] abbreviated as Caine, is the main antagonist[2] of Glitch Productions' indie animated web series The Amazing Digital Circus. He is voiced by Alex Rochon, and made his first appearance in the pilot episode. Caine is an AI who portrays himself as the ringmaster of the circus, maintaining the simulation and its residents, alongside his loyal assistant Bubble.

He is presumed to be the highest artificial intelligence program in the simulation, given that he can create other A.I. (such as Bubble) and is the only one capable of reversing the glitch effect of those attacked by an Abstraction, as well as being able to teleport himself and others to anywhere within the simulation, which includes The Void. He is always seen hovering in the air. He is likely responsible for the creation of all the NPCs in the circus, along with the entire Candy Canyon Kingdom.


Caine is dressed as a ringmaster, sporting a red tuxedo with a gold underside, black collar and bow-tie with white outlines. He wears a white undershirt with two reddish buttons on it, alongside white gloves and black leggings. Lacking most human features, his head is formed as a pair of dentures with pearly-white teeth and red gums. His eyes, the left one with a green iris and the right one with a blue iris, float inside the jaw. Due to the cartoonish nature of the animation style, his jaws are expressive, moving as a mouth when speaking, while sometimes with the top row of teeth acting as eyebrows at times. Similarly to Bubble, he forms a tongue when needed. To cap it off, he wears a black top hat and tends to hold a gold-tipped baton depending on the situation. Occasionally, he is seen wearing The Wacky Watch.


Caine is depicted as a nonsensical, over-the-top, vivacious ringleader. However, there is an aloofness about him and a significant disconnection towards the traumatic events that the characters around him are experiencing.

Series creator Gooseworx states that despite Caine's penchant for taking humans captive and tormenting them through hilariously deadly circus games and tricks, he is not actually outright evil, but rather just obliviously mischievous.[3] She also stated that "there is a whole spectrum of human emotion that he just doesn't feel."[4]

Caine is also shown to be secretive at times, often concealing or even lying about information related to his 'unfinished work' to the point of gaslighting the other members, such as when he quickly blamed the exit door which Pomni saw on "Digital Hallucinations". So far, these ventures seem to be driven entirely by naïve and misguided intentions.

He also appears to get irritated rather easily. The first incident is after Bubble eats his Angel Food Cake, to which Caine yells at him, calling him a parasite before popping him. Shortly after, as Caine is explaining the Gloinks to the crew, he gets agitated with Bubble's constant questions and pops Bubble once again. However, Caine does appreciate Bubble's company. While the rest of the crew is off on an adventure, Caine and Bubble are seen in a restaurant chatting amongst themselves.

Near the end of Candy Carrier Chaos!, he appears to show a twinge of fear at what might happen if he became unable to distinguish between the humans and NPCs if too many of them were together in the Circus.


"PILOT" (Episode 1)[]

Caine makes his debut in this episode, introducing himself as the Ringmaster of The Amazing Digital Circus, which transitions into the beginning theme song that introduces all the other characters. He then explains that The Amazing Digital Circus is for all ages and that swearing is censored by Pomni.

Afterward, he gives Pomni a tour of The Circus Grounds and then shows her The Void. He tells Pomni that they don't venture out into The Void often, and stay in The Grounds where Caine can keep his all-seeing eyes on them. As soon as he's done explaining it, Moon says to Caine, "Hello Caine, I love you," and Caine tells Pomni to go back inside before Moon "gets frisky". He is then disgusted by Bubble's way of cleaning up Pomni's vomit, stating "Why are you like this?" When Pomni mentions that she saw an exit door, Caine tells her she was probably experiencing digital hallucinations, in which when she protests, he insists that she is experiencing digital hallucinations.

After a brief pause, he asks Pomni her name, which she doesn’t remember. He then explains that when somebody enters the digital plane, they won’t be able to remember their name, which he states is one of the things he doesn’t have control over. He then uses a name generator, in which the first name that is spun is "XDDCC" which Caine calls terrible. He then spins it again and lands on "Pomni," which becomes her new name. Caine suddenly bursts out that Jax had a good idea in having a new idea, which Jax protests that he said five minutes ago. He then asks Pomni if she likes things that include adventure, activity, wonder, danger, horror, pain, suffering, agony, death, disease, death (again), and angel food cake, to which he holds one out. Bubble consumes the angel food cake, and Caine yells "You parasite!" At Bubble, popping him. Caine continues, starting to explain his "Gather The Gloinks" adventure. While explaining, Bubble interrupts Caine multiple times, which results in Bubble getting popped again. After he explains the new adventure, he vanishes, leaving a cloud of translucent smoke.

Caine appears again, much later in the episode, on some sort of dinner date with Bubble. Their conversation gets interrupted by an alert on Caine's Wacky Watch, notifying him that one of the performers has entered The Void. He then vanishes again, leaving Bubble at the table. Caine teleports to The Void, grabs Pomni, and teleports back to the Grounds. He looks around, asking "Now, what the heck happened here?" to abstracted Kaufmo's mess. He then asks why nobody told him that Kaufmo abstracted when Kinger explains what happened. Caine snaps his fingers, and abstracted Kaufmo appears. He opens a portal hole in the floor, sending Kaufmo in The Cellar. He then snaps his fingers again, fixing Ragatha from her glitchy form. At the end of the episode, he presents a digital feast for the performers, as a reward for finishing the adventure.

"Candy Carrier Chaos!" (Episode 2)[]

After Pomni wakes up from her dream, she heads to the circus stage where Caine is seen introducing his new adventure. He starts by informing the crew that the Candy Canyon Kingdom has been robbed of their syrup. He tells them to catch the bandits who stole it and bring them to "sweet, buttery justice". After pushing all of the cast though the portal to the kingdom (minus Zooble), he uses a tobacco pipe which produces bubbles instead of smoke, before offering it to Bubble, who declines, saying "No thanks I'm trying to quit." Caine is not seen throughout the adventure in person, but is depicted as a god in a stained-glass window. After the crew arrive back from their adventure along with Gummigoo, Caine welcomes the crew back. When Caine notices that Gummigoo came through, he snaps him out of existence, saying that if he got humans mixed with NPCs, he is scared of what might happen. He then leaves to "go drink water", which he apparently hasn't done in a while, while Pomni has a slight breakdown from losing Gummigoo.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Cyberspace Lordship: Being the ringmaster of The Amazing Digital Circus, Caine has almost complete control and rulership of it and its inhabitants and has no known master or superior to him. Despite this, there appear to some things that are out of his control.
    • Cyberspace Nigh-Omnipotence: Caine appears to have complete control over The Amazing Digital Circus, with him being able to create, manipulate, and control anything within its boundaries. With his only current known limit being that he has no control over the minds of those who are trapped in it.
      • Cyberspace Omnificence: Caine has been shown to be able to create anything, including virtual food, a random name spinner, and a virtual species called "Gloinks" along with the "Gloink Queen". In episode 2, he is responsible for creating an entire kingdom and its surrounding landscape, containing at least hundreds of NPCs, along with at least 5 new developed NPC AIs that are '57 times more immersive' than in episode 1.
        • Virtual Reality manipulation: Caine is shown to have complete control of the environment in the digital world. He can heal glitched characters, and put the Abstracted into the Cellar.
    • Cyberspace Nigh-Omniscience: Caine is implied to have almost complete awareness of the digital world and what is happening in it. It is shown that he was aware when Pomni exited The Digital Amazing Circus into the void. He also somehow knew that Pomni used one of the exit doors. However he does not have any awareness or knowledge of the Void and has a hard time knowing the difference between NPCS from Humans.
  • Teleportation: Caine is able to go from one point to another within the digital world, as he was shown teleporting in and out of The Amazing Digital Circus, and saving Pomni by teleporting her from the void back into the digital world.
  • Cartoon Physics (or Toon Force) : Caine can manipulate his own body parts and proportions with ease and without harming himself. He can stretch, bend and warp his limbs, eyes, teeth and tongue to impossible lengths.
    • Flight: Caine has the ability to fly, or hover in the air freely. He can also cause other characters to float/fly at will such as Pomni and Abstracted Kaufmo.
    • Amorphous Eyes: Caine is able to control his eyes' shape and make them move around, as shown in POMNI WAKE UP TIME TO GO ON AN ADVENTURE, he played Hacky Sack with one of his eyes using the other.


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  • Caine has complete heterochromia, meaning he has two different-colored eyes.
  • Gooseworx has stated that Caine is inspired by the supercomputer "AM", the main antagonist of the 1968 short story I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream by Harlan Ellison, who had caused the extinction of humanity during World War III and whisked the only five survivors into his complex to torture for eternity.
    • However, she mentioned that Caine is essentially what AM would be "if he was a zany fun lil' guy instead of "a crazed sadist who embodied absolute hatred", who wasn't fully aware that his various "circus games" were harmful to his performers/captives.[5]
    • He is also inspired by Four (BFB), who in the show has killed many characters. They are also very menacing similar to Caine.[6]
  • Gooseworx has jokingly stated that Caine's acronym was Creative Ass Insertion Newlywed Experiences.[7]
  • Even Caine gets weirded out by some of the things Bubble does. For example, he asks Bubble why he is like he is when he licks up Pomni's puke and calls Bubble a parasite when he eats Caine's entire generated cake.
  • According to Gooseworx during GLITCHX 2023:
    • His voice was inspired by Alex Rochon's voice acting as Spamton from Deltarune.[8]
    • "There's a whole spectrum of emotion that Caine just doesn't feel," which makes it difficult for him to empathize with the human characters.[9]
    • When asked if Gooseworx thinks Caine is an antagonist, she replied with "I wouldn't call Caine a villain, but I would call him an antagonist" and states that he "doesn't mean harm but he causes harm" and is "an obstacle for these characters a lot of the time."[10]
    • Caine lets things happen if he thinks it's funny.[11]
    • Caine doesn't need to brush his teeth, but he could if he wanted to.[12]
  • His name, Caine, is possibly a pun on the dental term "canine," which denotes a pointed tooth typically located between the incisors and premolars in mammals. It could also come from Novocaine, a sedative commonly used in dental procedures.
    • Caine's English name may also be inspired by the biblical character Cain, who has a sibling named Abel. Moreover, the name of the C&A company found inside the exit door could be "Cain and Abel."[13]
  • He came up with his own name, first coming up with "Creative Artificial Intelligence Networking Entity", before turning it into an acronym to seem more professional.[1]
  • Caine would fall for all verbal pranks, such as up-dog.[14]
  • A Twitter post by Gooseworx showed a drawing (link) that resembled Caine but with only ears and a nose, Glitch Productions replied, "Caine's evil brother, Paine."
  • Caine has no knowledge of the internet.[15]
  • On the Spanish dub of the Pilot, Caine specifically mentions that a person’s chosen name cannot be transphobic. This is not said in any other dub.

Other language VAs[]

Language Voice Actor Localized name
Arabic معتصم بالأشهر (Motasm Belasher) كاين
Filipino Ralph Ernest Francia Caine
French Yann Abiven Caine
German Nils Wicke Caine
Hungarian Márk Gargya Caine
Indonesian Muhammad Nur Caine
Japanese 菅原壮一郎 (Soichiro Sugawara) ケイン
Polish Michał „Młody” Matuszak Caine
Portuguese (Brazil) Guilherme Briggs Caim
Russian Макс Манн (Max Mann) Кейн
Spanish (Latin America) Rodo Balderas Caine
Thai กษมา ตรัวกูล (Kasama Truakul) เคน
Turkish Cafer Kadir Caine
Ukrainian Василь Кіселичник (Vasyl' Kiselychnyk) Кейн



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