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"Oh God, why can't I remember my name?!"
―Pomni after forgetting her original name, also in the Official Trailer

Pomni is the main protagonist of Glitch Productions' indie animated web series The Amazing Digital Circus. She is voiced by Lizzie Freeman, and made her first appearance in the pilot episode. Taking the form of a cartoon jester while trapped inside the Digital Circus with five other victims, she is the most recent human to enter after putting on a headset.


Pomni is a stylized humanoid character, with a large head and small, slim limbs. She has completely white skin, with small markings imitating blush underneath her eyes, and ebony eyelids and thick lines around her eyes that may represent eyeliner. Her pupil formation appears to change frequently, but most often appears as a red and blue pinwheel imprint. She has asymmetrical eyelashes, with her left eye having eyelashes on the top eyelid and her right eye having eyelashes on the bottom. She has short, straight medium black hair (which often appears brown due to lighting)[5], with two small nuggets poking out from under her hat and two locks of hair formulating the flanks of her face.

Her ensemble resembles that of a clown, like Kaufmo, but with identical characteristics to a jester, rather than that of a circus clown. She wears a red and blue jumpsuit with round, poofy sleeves, and shorts. The torso part of the jumpsuit features dual colors in a mirrored/reverse design for the front and back, with blue (right) and red (left), and vice versa respectively, with her sleeves and shorts being striped. She has additional yellow accents, being a pair of spheres on her front torso (which could resemble pom-poms or buttons), cuffs/bands around her sleeves, upper thighs/waist, and shorts, and a shirt collar, implying an undershirt. On her head, she wears a matching striped, two-armed jester's hat, with a yellow brim and small, yellow bells on the tips of the hat's arms, which we never see separated from her head. She also wears gloves, with the left one being blue, and the right being red. Inverse to this, her left shoe is red, and her right shoe is blue—both pairs having the same yellow accents as the ones on her clothing.


Initially, Pomni has a high-strung, timid, and paranoid demeanor. In the pilot episode, she is shown to be anxious and troubled regarding her predicament, even succumbing to denial and exhibiting signs of paranoia and delusion. When she finds the "exit", she experiences moderate signs of paranoia and seems to believe she is hallucinating. Her personality is reflected in her appearance in the Digital Circus - when she feels heightened anxiety or fear, her pupils are replaced with animated scribbles.

In her initial appearance, Pomni is shown to have a degree of both empathy and selfishness, as she goes back to check on Ragatha after the latter was attacked by an abstracted Kaufmo, and promises Ragatha that she'd find Caine to fix her. However, Pomni's desire to escape the digital circus overrode this, as she entered the exit door upon finding it and left Ragatha behind without hesitating. She later felt remorse for this action once Ragatha was fixed by Caine.

After having somewhat come to terms with her circumstances, Pomni adopts a more apathetic and cynical view, pointing out discrepancies in the Circus's scenarios and being detached from the adventures, not seeing the point in following along. She also seems to be more hot-tempered as she yells at the gang (specifically Jax) for their plans leaving her in mortal peril. Despite this, Pomni seems rather compassionate as she comforts and bonds with Gummigoo when he discovers he's an AI, encouraging him by telling him he still has purpose and even inviting him to follow her back to the Circus.


"PILOT" (Episode 1)

During the introduction of the show, Pomni suddenly appears in the Circus and disrupts the song (and also breaks Gangle's comedy mask by accident). It's quickly revealed she was once a human from Earth (implied to be wearing a headset the entire time when she gets transported). However, she is informed by the other characters that she wasn't the first, as the other characters were also from Earth before teleporting to the Circus, and is also reassured that she will get used to her new home and body.

Still fearful, confused, and desiring to leave, Caine starts introducing Pomni to The Tent where everyone lives, The Grounds for adventures outside of the tent, and The "mysterious" Void (which Caine advises her to not venture to) by teleportation. Pomni notices an exit door, but Caine changes the subject to her name (he brushes it off as a "digital hallucination"). After the jester becomes disoriented again because of forgetting her name, Caine shows some powers limit and decides to give her a new name, that being Pomni. Caine declares a brand new in-house adventure, to help Pomni get used to the place, that being to gather the Gloinks infested in The Tent, small critters that stick to anything they bump into.

Not long after the adventure starts, Zooble decides to quit it early but gets disjointed and captured by the Gloinks. Back to the rest of the members, Ragatha suggests going check on Kaufmo with Pomni since he is unaware of the newbie's appearance, however, Kinger reports him going insane, rambling about some form of exit like Pomni. Jax proclaims that he, Ragatha, and Pomni should go check with Kaufmo while Kinger and Gangle help save Zooble, which concerns Ragatha a bit.

Ragatha introduces Pomni to their dormitory & quarters where they sleep, but since they aren't human, they don't need human essentials to live on, and talks about how if a character goes insane then "something really terrible" will happen to them, which traumatizes Pomni. They reach Kaufmo's room, and after an aggressive exchange between Ragatha and Jax, they open the door to see Kaufmo now horribly disfigured into a monstrous black mass creature with rainbow eyes (the "something real bad" Ragatha mentioned), who damages Ragatha to the point of her glitching up, Kaufmo then chases after Pomni while Jax runs away with a bowling ball. The monster then crashes through the railings and chases a Gloink next, allowing Pomni to talk with Ragatha. They conclude that only Caine can help them. She goes off to find him, opening a bunch of doors leading to random and surreal-looking rooms while avoiding monster Kaufmo, before finding the exit door which is generated out of thin air.

She enters the door only to find herself trapped in an almost realistic-looking office labyrinth that she gets lost in, a place that is oddly out of place from the more colorful environment she finds herself in. The exit door then disappears out of thin air. The scene cuts back to the nest, the Gloink Queen expresses her plans to turn anything and everything into all Gloinks like herself and the rest of her nest when Kaufmo crashes down and begins attacking the Gloink Queen, releasing Zooble and allowing the other characters to leave. Pomni meanwhile still tries to find the end of this labyrinth, coming across an old computer along with a rusted-out VR headset before going through a door with the logo of a company called "C&A" marked above (presumably the company that developed the game or warping technology). She is then led to the Void and falls into a state of trance by it.

Caine and Bubble are in a restaurant when Caine sees on his Wacky Watch that someone is now in the void and rushes to take Pomni back to the tent. He then realizes that Kaufmo became abstracted and casually drops him through a custom-made hole that leads him to "The Cellar", a place where those abstracted ended up. Caine then reverts Ragatha's glitched state back to normal. He apologizes for lying about the exit door and that he wasn't capable of thinking about what to put on the other side of it, he warns the group that the Void could be disastrous for them. As a reward for finishing their adventure, Bubbles has made them a feast to feel more like they're at home. Pomni, still in awe and disbelief from today, tries to keep her cool as she is about to lose her sanity while at the dinner table with the rest. The episode ends as the shot zooms out into the Void and beyond, and finally into the old computer from before (suggesting that the Void might be their way out of the circus).

"Candy Carrier Chaos!" (Episode 2)

At the beginning of the episode, Pomni has a nightmare in which she starts showing signs of abstraction. She then falls into the Cellar as Caine, Ragatha, and Jax look on, expressing dismissive disapproval, before waking up. She wakes up in a panic before clipping onto an ABC block that causes her to be catapulted across her bedroom.

Ragatha checks up on Pomni and tries to be supportive on her adventure to the Candy Canyon Kingdom, but Pomni is still in a sour mood as she concludes that the rest of her life is going to be LARPing. The seemingly Medieval Princess Loolilalu provides the humans a Mad-Max style war rig (which confuses Pomni) to track down Gummigoo's bandit gang and take back a maple syrup tanker that they stole.

The two factions quickly encounter each other and a high-speed battle ensues. Jax tosses Pomni at the bandits, causing her to get stuck on their truck (Max attempts but fails to capture Pomni due to his tiny arms). Kinger tries to throw objects at Pomni to assist her, but when he throws an anchor that's attached to the war rig it results in a collision between the two vehicles. Pomni and Gumigoo end up getting wedged underneath a cliffside, causing both to clip and fall into the Test Level.

Gummigoo has a near mental breakdown after finding his test model, but Pomni tries to explain to him that he is an NPC. Gumigoo realizes that being an NPC means that his past is fake and that his existence is meaningless. Pomni comforts him by offering to bring him back to The Circus so that he can live a more meaningful life and because she wants him as a friend. Gumigoo calms down and the two manage to use the block glitch to drive the test copy of the syrup truck back to the Kingdom (with the truck falling onto The Fudge's head, temporarily knocking him out).

Pomni informs the other humans of her intentions to bring Gumigoo back to The Circus. However, when he enters The Circus, Caine immediately causes him to explode into confetti with a snap of his fingers. Pomni is distraught over this, until Ragatha asks Pomni to attend Kaufmo's funeral. During the funeral, Pomni sees that the other humans (with the exception of Jax who refused to attend) do care deeply about each other. Remembering her nightmare, she envisions that her new friends will support her, even in the worst of times.

Powers and Abilties

  • Digital physiology: Pomni is one of the trapped humans inside the digital world with her consciousness piloting a digital avatar. Because of this, she can preform abilities that are outside of the general range of normal human capabilities.
    • Absolute Immortality: Because there is no conceivable way to die within the digital world and the fact that Caine cannot control the minds of those who are trapped within, there is currently no way that any of the human characters can or will die. With the closest alternative being "Abstraction". However this may change in the future.
      • Self-Sustenance: Pomni along with the other humans in the show do not need to eat, sleep, or drink. However, they can still do these actions if they choose.
    • Invulnerability: Nothing in the digital world can cause life long lasting damage to any individual in the amazing digital circus. With Pomni surviving multiple scenarios that would certainly kill any normal human, and recovering from them with no marks and/or scaring.
      • High-Pain Immunity: Pomni seems to not be affected by anything that would cause a person physical distress. With the exception that touching a glitched character or a character who has been abstracted will cause significant pain for the affected individual. There is no way to know for sure whether Pomni has this ability, as we never know whether she is in actual pain when her arms are being stretched in the episode "Candy Carrier Chaos!"
    • Rubber Body: Pomni's body can stretch and warp to impossible standards. With the most extreme case being when Jax threw her off of their semi-truck to make a "Bridge" between them and the Bandits truck.
  • Music Composure: Pomni is capable of composing songs to her liking without assistance.[6]



  • Kaufmo
  • Jax (at times)
  • Caine (at times)
  • Gummigoo (formerly)
  • Max and Chad (formerly)


  • The name Pomni can be translated in a variety of ways that may relate to Pomni's general character:
    • In the Russian language, "Pomni" (Помни — an imperative form of the verb "помнить") means “remember” or rather "don't forget it/to". In context, it is used as "Hey, (x), remember to do (x)." or "Hey, do this, but remember what was in that tutorial video."
    • Meanwhile, in the Polish language, "Pomni" is similar to the word "pomny", meaning "mindful" or "having something in consideration".
    • Also in the Bulgarian language, "Pomni" ("Помни", which is a derivative form of the verb "Помня") means "Remember". In context, it's used as "(x) remembers that."
  • Pomni underwent a minor change in her character design close to the release of the pilot: Originally, her left glove was red while her right glove was blue - this can be seen in promotional materials that were created/released before the pilot's trailer was published in September 2023 (such as the series' first teaser and Pomni's official 2D artwork). However, in the official trailer for the pilot and the pilot itself (as well as all media released afterward), Pomni's left glove is blue while her right glove is red.
    • This design change was made because lead animator Kevin Temmer suggested swapping the color of Pomni's gloves so that they would contrast with the colors of her shoes and her outfit on the same sides as them.[7]
    • The 2D Pomni that appears in the end credits of the Pilot has her old design, presumably because the design change was made after the 2D animation was completed by Zeurel.
    • The official poster for the series, released after the pilot premiered, also featured Pomni's old design - a blue right glove and a left red glove. The poster was updated later on in Glitch's merch store to correct the color of Pomni's gloves.
  • In the pilot, Pomni and Zooble were the only characters who openly cursed, though they were censored by Caine.
  • Pomni was originally conceptualized as a frog-like character wearing a black and blue striped suit, nicknamed "Frogni" by Gooseworx.[8][9]
  • Pomni's hair color is notably brown in her official 2D artwork, her official plushie, and some promotional material such as the poster for GlitchX 2023.
  • Pomni's first given name, XDDCC, can be interpreted as the Roman numeral 1190.
    • Putting it through a Caesar Cipher with 17 shifts also reveals the word OUUTT, which may refer to Pomni's goals to escape the circus.
    • Running the code above it (PNCMM) reveals the word GETDD.[10]
  • Gooseworx had stated that Pomni does not like being touched.[4]
  • Gooseworx has stated in GlitchX 2023 that Pomni's favorite food is salmon.[3]
  • Gooseworx stated that out of all the humans trapped in the circus, Pomni is the worst at cooking.[11]
  • Pomni is good at accounting.[12]
  • Pomni is the first character from The Amazing Digital Circus to get her official plushie, aside from Jax.

Other language VAs

Language Voice Actor Localized name
Arabic ياسمين الخميري (Yassmin Khmiri) بومني
Filipino Janeane Santos-Roco Pomni
French Salomé Mallié Pomni
German Svenja Praß Pomni
Hungarian Nikoletta Horváth Pomni
Indonesian Dina Amalina Pomni
Japanese あらん (Arran) ポムニ
Polish Liwia "Asha" Stępień Pomni
Portuguese (Brazil) Letícia Celini Pomni
Russian Влада Мариупольская (Vlada Mariupolskaya) Помни
Spanish (Latin America) Noelia Lestani Pomni
Thai ฐิติมนต์ ดีสะท้าน (Thitimon Deesathan) พอมนี่
Turkish Öykü Ertek Pomni
Ukrainian Альона Білоусова (Aliona Bilousova) Помні



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