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"Here we have the Tent! This is where your living quarters are, as well as all sorts of other activities."
Caine to Pomni, "PILOT"

The Tent is a location in the world of The Amazing Digital Circus. It is one of the 3 locations Caine presented to Pomni.

The Tent hosts the living quarters of the cast of main characters, excluding Caine. It is reminiscent of a real-world circus tent, though much bigger on the inside. Other noteworthy elements include:

  • Doors that lead to voids.
  • Doors that open to a boxing glove, which extends and punches whoever opened it.
  • The Gloink Queen's nest.
  • An exit door that leads into a repeating series of rooms, eventually leading to the Void.

Door Icons[]

Below are the icons of all the main characters that show up on the doors of their rooms in the Tent.